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Multi-purpose cleaning agent with strong detergency for eliminating all contaminants adhered to surfaces. ES-270 is an environmental friendly toxic free cleaning agent.

ES-270 can be suitable for any surface using water due to delicate material without any damages.

ES-270 is a safe and economical cleaning agent which can replace petroleum solvent, chlorinated solvent and caustic soda since ES-270 can be used for typical commandants such as oil, sebum, tar grease, carbon ink and mold.

ES-270 can be used as different types of cleaning such as spray cleaning, high pressure cleaning and the cleaning sponge brush polishing. It can be mixed and diluted with water to get the best result based on the type and degree of contamination.


The characteristics of ES-270 is to adjust the dilution rate and to cover a wide range of application based cleaning purpose.

Oil refineries, oil storage facilities, mechanical processing plants, steel plate rolling facilities

Gasoline stands, car repair shop, body shop based civil construction, printing company

food processing plants, egg processing plants, hotels, restaurants, medical facilities, schools, homes, vessel cleaning.