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The Antistatic agent has both hydrophilic and hydrophobic characteristics in a molecule. The hydrophobic part interacts with the surface of the material while the hydrophilic part interacts with the moisture in the air then binds with water molecules. Water molecules accumulated at surface can be interacted with the antistatic agent to conductively reduce the surface resistance of the material and plays an important role as a static agent

1. Preventing dust adhesion to maintain the excellent aesthetics

Maintaining dust free to prevent adhesion.

2. There is no blocking of the film, such as improved work-ability

Improving of efficiency by eliminating film block.

3. Resolving inefficiency by adhesion of powder.

4. Finishing properly in painting or design.

5. Preventing disturbance of lightning at semi-conductor processing or high-speed molding process. 

This agent can be used for plastics, resins, and rubber products.