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aPIZAS (HALLO COATED) –Antibacterial

Unlike the conventional antibacterial agent, Apizas is the antibacterial agent that take advantage of both organic and inorganic antimicrobial biocide. Apizas also has high stability and is the antimicrobial agent that has a wide range of effects that include anti-fungal and antimicrobial functionality.

1. Apizas is an antimicrobial agent which is very useful for fungi, bacteria, actinomyces, yeast, and mold

2. Apizas lasts longer due to the effect of the inorganic antibacterial agent and organic antibacterial agent.

3. Apizas is not-toxic and an environment friendly agent due to the combination of aninsoluable inorganic agent in an organic solvent and of insoluble organic agent in an aqueous solution that then can be lowered due to the effect of volatilization.

4. Apizas is free of discoloration which is a major drawback of inorganic antimicrobial agent

5. Apizas can be effective in wide PH zone.

6. It has a high stability.

7. Apizas can produce low static electricity.

8. Apizas is very effective on antifungal, antiseptic and antibacterial. 

Antibacterial agent for a wide range of fungi, bacteria, actimycetes and yeast.